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    Stu-Dying No More: Three Simple School Improvement Ideas to Increase Student Performance

    Being a student is definitely not easy for anyone. From digesting information to struggling to meet deadlines at the 11th minute, there is hardly any person who breezes through school. Finding the motivation and strength to do well in school, however, is not just on the students themselves. There are so many distractions for a student so it is really hard to focus, but recent studies suggest that one encompassing solution to this is by providing the students a comfortable, safe, clean, and quiet learning environment.

    Here are some possible suggestions to improve school facilities to encourage students more study and focus:

    Have More Places (and Spaces) Available for Students to Study

    For primary or university students, a library is a fantastic option if you want to do some serious studying since it basically has everything you need. But because the library is such an obvious option, it is oftentimes full and jam-packed with students making it really hard to find a good studying spot. The library may run out of tables though, but the school can always maximize the floor. For group reviews, it would be nice to have bean bags spread on the floor for more room for students or have a floor chair with back support instead if bean bags are ‘too’ cozy for your liking. But whatever it is, having more places to accommodate all the students and give them the opportunity to study whenever they want would really help increase their productivity.

    Let the Classrooms be reached with Natural Light

    Recent studies indicated that a student’s exposure to daylight and even thermal heat gain somehow improve their performance and productivity. The study showed that students who were exposed in a room with daylight had an increase in their math performance by 20% and 26% faster in reading, compared to the students whose classrooms were less exposed by daylight. This applies to the starting school years of students and it is better if they were exposed earlier on to increase productivity and be more developed later on. Equip school classrooms with more windows for much better student performance.

    Encourage Teachers to Maximize the Use of Digital Media

    students using the computer

    This third one may not be a literal environment, but this method surely will improve a student’s learning performance by a mile. We are now in the digital age where students can access electronic books online to satiate their reading needs, so maximizing this opportunity with lectures and presentations would be really advantageous! If the teachers made their presentations available online, then the students would be able to easily access them anywhere they want and study in whichever place they end up in. This would also help them make use of their time and really put their self-control to use since they already hold that power on their own and would be up to them to really use it to study.

    A student’s performance can really be maximized through great learning environments. Sometimes, all they need for that extra push is in what is provided for them.

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