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    The History of People’s Fascination with Eyelashes

    Society’s fascination with long and curly eyelashes is strong. In 2017 alone, the revenues for false eyelashes reached more than $18 million, according to Statista. Mascara manufacturers, meanwhile, earned over $71 million in 2018.

    You can also find courses such as lift lash training in Utah. The class, which takes only a few hours, will already give you a certificate to start offering such a service.

    People’s obsession with beautiful lashes, however, is not a recent phenomenon. It goes back to the time of the Egyptians. Society’s perception of beauty further cements its popularity.

    Nefertiti and the Egyptians

    Before eyelash extensions and eyelash lifts, people were already applying “makeup” to their lashes. Take, for example, the Canaanites, who used platyophthalmon. It was during the time of the Egyptians, though, when the same substance, now known as kohl, became well-known.

    The bust of Nefertiti is proof of such time. While she was captivating with her high cheekbones, it was her pair of eyes, with mascara, that usually holds its audience in awe.

    During the time, the ancient Egyptians used kohl, a combination of lead sulfide and some animal fat and water, in many parts of their face. These include the lashes and the brows. Both men and women also wore them.

    The purpose of this ancient mascara was the same as it is now: it was meant to prettify and more. For example, some products today can add moisturizer to the strands. During the time of the Egyptians, they believed kohl can reduce the sun’s glare and prevent the growth of skin bacteria (although they probably didn’t know it yet).

    Like today, lashes can also be a symbol of status. Before, only the rich could afford to use kohl. Poor men and women had to settle with soot.

    Roman’s Virginity

    eye makeup

    The Romans also had a deep fascination for cosmetics, partly thanks to the Egyptians, whom they later conquered. With them, makeup achieved some notoriety, with some believing it was deceptive and immortal while others thought that it was a ritual reserved for the rich.

    Upper-class women would often have slaves called cosmetae who helped them apply makeup, spray perfume, and don on jewelry. Christian ladies would avoid them, thinking they had to be satisfied with what God had given them.

    But they especially loved the eye makeup, especially when they adopted the use of kohl. It also served another purpose, and that was to prove women’s honor to men. People believed long lashes could fall off on those who had excessive sex.

    People Want Baby Face

    People today might no longer equate eyelashes with sun protection or even virginity, but they still consider having long, thick eyelashes as something valuable.

    Long and curl eyelashes can make the eyes appear larger, and that can transform your face into one that’s babyish. A baby face, meanwhile, creates the impression of kindness, honesty, innocence, and trustworthiness.

    This impression can then have a significant impact on a person’s life. It can increase their chances of landing a job fast or finding friends more easily.

    Indeed, the long history and people’s visual perception make the eyelashes one of the valuable parts of the eye. As long as these two remain, these lashes will continue to bring big bucks to anyone who can work with them.

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