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    teacher and her class

    5 Qualities You Need to Look for in Teachers During the Hiring Process

    When you have just opened a tutorial center, among the first employees you need to hire are teachers. They will be your center’s lifeblood after all. Without teachers, your center would cease to provide its services to students — the people your business caters to.

    Finding teachers who would be assets to your center can be challenging. Many factors determine whether or not an applicant would be an asset to your business if you hire them. Teachers who possess the following qualities, though, could maximize the chances of being assets to the many franchise opportunities in the education industry:

    Have a genuine, and not a fake, passion for teaching.

    Teachers who only fake their passion for teaching would not be successful educators in the long run. They may succeed in their profession, but only for the short term. Their real intention behind going into the teaching profession would eventually show. They would not be able to fake their interest in teaching for a long time and for a lifetime.

    If teachers do not have a genuine passion for teaching, they would be less caring for their students and the delivery of their services after a short while. When screening teacher applicants, you need to assess the real intentions behind their desire to be educators.

    Love kids.

    If you are hiring teachers for nursery, kindergarten, and elementary grade levels, you need to hire educators who do love kids. Educators who do not love kids would not be able to develop a rapport with children. Additionally, they may not have excellent classroom management and discipline skills. When screening applicants, make sure to interview with regards to whether or not they have a passion for kids.

    Patient, caring, and kind.

    Teaching is a profession that requires patience, dedication, and good-heartedness. Any teacher who is not patient, caring, and kind would have few chances of succeeding. You should be able to screen the applicants’ real personality after having more than one interview sessions with them.

    Energetic and lively.

    teacher and her students

    Students are young people who cannot get enough of having constant excitements and adventures in their daily lives. As such, no student wants to listen to boring lectures in class. Make sure the teachers you hire are energetic and lively. If you hire lethargic teachers, you risk incurring classroom chaos. Many students get rowdy and moody if they are bored in class.

    Willing to go the extra mile in catering to the needs of students.

    Students prefer teachers who would not mind going the extra mile to cater to their students’ needs. It shows that they do care about them, both as individuals and students. These educators would likely be the teachers who would easily develop and nurture long-term rapport with students. Students may not be motivated to learn from teachers whom they are not able to develop a rapport with.

    Hiring teachers for a short-term basis only do not help in retaining your center’s students. Do not be careless when making hiring decisions. Consult with a knowledgeable and experienced human resources expert if you are unsure of the criteria to look for when hiring new educators for your center.

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