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    4 after school programs that can turn into a passion

    After school programs give students the opportunity to find new passions and make new friends. They can also bring about the development of valuable, lifelong skills! Let’s look at some top programs offered by many institutions that can turn into a passion.

    1. Tennis

    Tennis is a sport that challenges both the mind and the body. When led by an experienced coach and staff, your child can fall in love with it. Tennis isn’t just a sport about learning to hit a ball back and forth. It actually teaches several life skills, including discipline, patience, and strategy, which are all pillars of your little one’s growth. Tennis provides a chance at lifelong fitness and fun, and your child will surely enjoy the community they’ll find. In fact, according to CourtSense, 82% of youth tennis players volunteer in their communities!

    2. Soccer

    Soccer is the world’s most popular sport, so it’s no surprise that students are interested in playing. It teaches teamwork and discipline all while improving physical fitness. Your child could develop a passion for the sport as they revel in the joys of teamwork and competition. Since soccer doesn’t require any expensive equipment, youths can further grow their love for the game through casual pickup games in the neighborhood.

    3. Broadway Theater

    If your child loves putting on a show, Broadway Theater is one of the best after school programs they should try. These programs, led by industry veterans, will immerse your student into the world of singing, acting, and dancing. It can give them a chance to express themselves in a way that they haven’t before. Your little one will fall in love with theater as they get to see their hard work paid off with a memorable performance.

    4. Gymnastics

    Gymnastics is all about discipline, strength, flexibility, and coordination. Starting gymnastics as an after school activity allows children to develop their physical skills, mental resilience, and a strong work ethic. The skills required for this are often transferrable to other parts of your student’s life, including academic and professional achievements. Who knows? Maybe your little one will be the next great Olympic gymnast.

    These are all great after school programs that can truly help your child practice various skills and find new passions.

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