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    Teacher and students

    Seven Traits of a Good Teacher

    No one can argue that being a teacher is one of the toughest jobs in the world. The work requires knowledge, passion, and time. It is a responsibility that is carried not just in school but in everyday life. To illustrate the complexity of the job, here are the traits of a good teacher.


    All students are unique. They have their own strengths and weaknesses. Thus, a great teacher should be flexible enough to make all of them engaged in class. You should be able to adapt your teaching style to fast and slow learners. For instance, you can think of exciting book project ideas, role-playing games, and quizzes to avoid a dull atmosphere.


    Having many kids in a classroom can lead to chaos. Hence, you must gather all your strength to resist the urge of yelling. You must find other ways to get your students’ attention and make them participate in class. It is an arduous task, so patient teachers should receive an award.

    Sense of Leadership

    There will be days when you have to set aside your caring attitude to impose authority on children. This trait will make it easy for you to handle energetic and naughty kids. It will also help you promote equity in class. Still, be mindful not to rule your class like a cruel king, or you might get reported by the kids.

    Eager to Learn

    Teachers are still humans. They commit mistakes and fail, but it should not stop them from doing their jobs. To be a cool educator, you must be willing to learn from various people, including your students. Teachers should be seekers of knowledge. You should not settle for only the things that you know. You should always study to be able to teach your class many things.


    As scary as it sounds, teachers are viewed as monsters by some children. It is not because they are mean. The truth is that some teachers just do not know how to approach their students properly. They do not look friendly and always wear a grumpy face. To establish a connection with the class, you should smile and be accommodating. You should listen well to your students and understand their actions.

    Good Communication Skills


    Being wise does not make you ready for teaching. Aside from being knowledgeable, you should know how to communicate effectively with your students. You should be able to explain complicated problems and terms. Also, you should be able to encourage or motivate them to study.


    If you think that teaching is all about lecturing students, you are mistaken. One of the many responsibilities of a teacher is organizing things. This includes making lesson plans, recording grades, and even arranging the seats of students. Clumsy people can be teachers, but organized individuals can have an edge in the field.

    Like what Aristotle said, “Those that know, do. Those that understand, teach.” Education plays an essential role in making society flourish. Thus, those who will educate people must be fit for the task.

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