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    Transferring to Another School: Making the Process Less Stressful for You and Your Kid

    Transferring your kids to another school is one thing you would not want to do. They have already made friends, established their academic footing, and had plans for the rest of the school year. But, sometimes, it is the best solution for your current situation. Whether you want to upgrade their education or you are moving to a new place, transferring to a new school is a practical choice.

    However, your children may not be able to understand the plan, and it is your obligation to explain the process to them. For kids, transferring may mean starting their lives all over again, which can be stressful and anxiety-inducing. This is especially true when the transfer happens during the school year. The best that you could do is to help them transition.

    Whether you are transferring your kids to an art school or an international school in the Philippines, here are some of the things to keep in mind:

    Involve them in the process

    You have to explain early on of your plans to transfer them. Their initial reaction may be shock and sadness, and it is just normal. Let them feel those feelings.

    Once they have already accepted the fact, you may want to involve them in the process. Doing so will put them in control, which in turn will give them a sense of responsibility. If you want, you can let them choose the school to transfer to. Make them feel excited by asking them to come up with a list of things they are looking forward to.

    Talk to the teachers

    Once your kid is already fine with the plan, you ought to start the transition, and you can start it by talking to the principal and the teachers. Talking to the teachers will allow you to pick up your kids in case you have to visit the new school. As they know how stressful transitions are, they will be able to give your kids some leeway. There may be times when they will be given fewer assignments and lighter load.

    Organize a small party

    As the move nears, you will want your kids to have their small get-together with their classmates and friends one last time. With that, you can organize a small farewell party. It can be done at your home where you can easily prepare snacks and a short program. You can even ask their friends to come up with a surprise gift for your kids. That way, your kids will have a lot of memories to take with them.

    Make things easy for them

    school supplies in vibrant color

    Make sure that before your kids enter the new school, all they need are already prepared. Their new uniforms, new books, and new notebooks should be ready. Anticipate that your kids may be behind the class, so you may want them to take tutorials and some home-schooling sessions so that they can keep up.

    Transferring your kids to another school is not an easy decision to make. Encourage them to be confident and help them with their transition.


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