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    How to Make Learning Fun and Exciting for Preschool Kids

    Parents are usually more excited than their preschoolers when it’s time for them to start schooling. As soon as they can be accepted to a class, parents are more than ready to bring their little ones over. When we say preschool, it’s actually more of developmental activities than reading or writing.

    Preschools in Tootgarook, Victoria offers a long line of interesting activities to build the social, emotional and mental skills of children. These activities are made fun and exciting. The best thing about them is that they can be modified according to the ability of the kids in the class.

    Here are some ideas for activities you can do during preschool classes.

    The Balance Beam

    This is a very simple activity that can be organised to teach kids to follow instructions and keep their balance. This is also a fun and challenging activity that will help them learn to focus. There’s no elaborate equipment needed. Just tape a line on the floor and give toddlers a cup that’s almost full of water.

    Challenge them to walk the straight line without spilling any water from the cup. Obstacles in the line may also be added. Alternatively, the kids can be given another full cup to increase the difficulty of the challenge.

    The Fancy Hats

    This activity tickles the creativity and imagination of children. Like any art activity, they can create something fancy depending on where their imagination takes them.

    Encourage the little ones by letting them decorate a piece of board paper using markers, crayons and stickers. Then, fold the paper to make a cone shape. This can be taped or stapled to close the edges. Finally, attach an elastic thread or ribbon on each side to use a hat strap.

    Making the Baby’s Bed

    Another fun activity to keep toddlers busy at preschool is to teach them how to make the baby’s bed. The kids can use a cardboard box and towels or old blankets for beddings, a small pillow, and stuffed toys or dolls. They can spend hours putting the teddy or doll to sleep, fixing the blanket and then waking it up again.

    Threading Threads

    Preschools include fine motor skills development in their teaching modules, and this is done through simple activities such as threading. They do this using various tube-shaped items such as large beads, empty spools, large tubular pasta, hair curlers and the likes.

    Children will be shown how to thread these items into a shoelace or a ribbon. Tie one large object at one end of the lace or ribbon to prevent the others from slipping off.

    Peering Through the Binoculars


    Children’s toys don’t have to be expensive because they can create their own toys and enhance their creativity in the process. They can make play-pretend binoculars using two paper towel rolls and decorate it with stickers and markers. They can use it to spot interesting things around the school and even use it to play “pirates” as they walk or ride home with their parents.

    Preschools are where children learn to develop their study habits and social skills. This is why worthwhile activities that enhance creativity and social interaction are encouraged while allowing them to enjoy their formative years with the right amount of fun and play.

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