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    Student hugging her parents after graduating

    School Stuff that You Will Surely Miss After Graduation

    Believe it or not, going to school is one of the things that you will surely miss after graduation. It can be tiring to sit all day and deal with your mean classmates. However, your school still holds a special place in your memories. From having your vacation to cleaning your classroom storage room, here are some things that you will be missing about school:

    Long Vacations

    People feel happy when they get to spend long weeks of rest. Unfortunately, the offer is exclusive to students. Once students get a diploma, they return the “long vacation” ticket to their alma mater. They find jobs and spend the rest of their lives working. People miss those free weeks. Sadly, they will not have them again unless they get sick or retire from their company.

    A Peaceful Classroom Setting

    Do you miss the days of simply listening to your teacher’s remarks? It sounded boring back then, but you will yearn for those dreary days after some years. Why is that so? Well, sitting with your noisy classmates is not as bad as working for long hours in a quiet office. Designing your lockers, notebooks, and other things is fun. Also, you just need to pass the tests to survive the school year.

    Supportive Friends

    People can make friends in high school and still be pals after graduation. Even so, they cannot give the same amount of time that they used to give before. Discussing dreams with your school friends is fun. You can talk about nonsense topics, love interests, and even homework dilemmas. However, not all of your school friends stay with you for a long time. Even if they do, it is difficult to arrange a trip with them.

    Cafeteria Food

    Some dishes are great, but other snacks taste bad. Despite the uncertainty of the taste when it comes to your cafeteria’s food, people all have memorable experiences about it. It is one of the significant pieces to complete your school days. Your cafeteria’s food is affordable and is best shared with your peers. It makes you remember the time when you made big issues out of small concerns.

    A Good Amount of Sleep

    Going to classes is tiring, but it ends when the bell rings. After doing your homework, you can watch shows, play games, and call it a day. Now, all of the activities in school are like a distant dream. Getting enough sleep is almost impossible because of your job. Moreover, it is not easy to do recreational activities and spend time with your friends and family.

    Prom Preparations

    Sound mixer in an eventOne of the highlights about going to school is attending prom. It is a great event for dancing, munching food, and confessing your feelings. There are a hundred ways to express how memorable it is, but one thing is for sure: it only happens in school. After the wonderful experience of being with your crush, all that awaits you is the documents on your desk.

    School Trips

    Life is more meaningful with school trips. They are effective stress relievers and good motivations to study. Aside from being able to reach various places, trips improve your social skills and teach you to be independent. Unfortunately, you cannot go on trips often now that you are an adult. You have to plan on your own and spend more money on travel. You also have to consider your travel partner’s availability.

    Your school made you whom you are today. It is the place that holds your childhood memories. Some experiences might not be as good as you wanted them to be. However, there will always be things that you will miss about studying.

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