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    Revealing Signs That You Actually Love School

    Studying has a bad rap among students and even those who have already finished school. They often think that it is just a fest of demands from teachers and fellow students—there are a lot of notes to review, projects to complete, and people to work with. And the environment can be stressful and overwhelming. While schools are usually thought of as a place where a lot of people get stressed, there are still some who think that this is their home. Mostly, these are the people who love studying. They have a passion for learning. They have a thirst for improving the world using what they have learned.

    There are some telltale signs that you love school and studying—whether you are taking old high school courses or a paralegal program online. Below are some signs that will tell whether you are a model student who has a passion for school and studying.

    Sign #1: It’s all about winning—not surviving

    When you do not like what you do, you are treating the whole thing as an act of survival. What you do is all about compliance. And nothing goes beyond compliance, as you think you have done what needs to be done. In short, you become complacent. This is in contrast with when you love what you do: when you love what you do, you are doing your best to go beyond what is expected of you, to win. Say you have a project; you do not just do it and comply; you do it and pass it in advance, or you do it with additional layers of information.

    Sign #2: You enjoy talking to people

    Some students hate other students, and that is normal, especially if the person is not very much keen on studying. When you love studying, you somehow love the people involved in it. You appreciate your classmates, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they contribute to the class. You appreciate your teachers. You enjoy talking and interacting with them.

    Sign #3: You are excited to help others

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    When you love school, you know that there is always an opportunity to help others—not because you want to show off, but because you want them to keep up and become a dreamer like you. Tutoring other classmates and helping them with their projects are somehow opportunities to share what you have learned, which may be one of the philosophies that you have.

    Sign #4: You already have a plan in mind

    School is not just a phase. It is a launching pad for you if you want to reach the nicer and higher heights in life. It is your springboard. And since you think of it that way, it is likely that you are already planning something for your future.

    Being a student should not just end at school or at a program you are taking online. You need to become a student of life, too. And your appreciation for lifelong learning usually stems from your appreciation for your student life.

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