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    Unorthodox Ways to Stay Awake for an Exam

    Studying for a Network+ N10-007 exam is no joke. There are many details you need to learn and memorize if you want to pass this test. Unfortunately, if you’re reviewing for this exam, chances are you also have a full-time job and that means you only have a few hours in the evening to review.

    With that in mind, you might be having a difficult time staying awake while you’re reviewing. You may have tried the usual ways to stay awake like drinking coffee or eating more fruits, but somehow you still feel sleepy when you’re on your third hour of reviewing.

    So, if the usual ways don’t work anymore, maybe it’s time to use unorthodox methods to wake your brain up. 

    Pull out your nose hair

    We told you these suggestions are unconventional. But, they’re quite effective and if you could recall a moment before when you accidentally pulled out one of your nose hairs you know that it hurt like hell.

    So, this suggestion is banking on the idea that the pain you’ll get from pulling out one of your nose hairs will be enough to jolt your brain into full alert. And your eyes into open floodgates because they really do hurt!

    Get uncomfortable

    Sometimes getting comfortable can make you doze off. It’s because when you’re comfortable your mind becomes relaxed and before you know it your brain is starting to sign off.

    So, in order to stay awake, you need to remove yourself from your comfort zone. Instead of sitting on the couch or on your favorite chair, stand up while you’re reading your reviewers.

    Army Rangers say that when they’re feeling sleepy they do this all the time because it’s close to impossible to fall asleep while you’re standing. And if there are any experts on keeping awake when your body is screaming for sleep it’s the Army Rangers because their training often leaves them little time to get some shut-eye.

    Chew gum

    Chewing gum is not only useful for protecting your teeth, but it’s also effective in waking yourself up. The act of chewing can actually wake your brain when you’re feeling sleepy. So, buy lots of gum and the moment you feel that your head is dropping start chewing.

    Breathe in your hand sanitizer

    The alcohol in hand sanitizers is effective in jump-starting your brain into full alert. But, don’t make this a habit and don’t inhale deeply the fumes from your hand sanitizer. What you should do is wash your hands with your hand sanitizer and before it dries up to catch a whiff of your hands to wake you up.


    Do some squats

    Leg exercises are probably the hardest exercises for most people. But, because it’s quite hard to do it’s very effective in waking yourself up. That’s because when you exercise your legs your heart pumps a lot of blood throughout your body up to your brain. This is good because if your brain gets more oxygen the more it will become alert.

    So, these are some of the unconventional ways to wake yourself up when you need to. You need all the help you can get to ace your exam.

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