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    The Secrets to Keeping VIP Clients Happy

    A company may be tight-lipped about it, but there sure is a hint of favouritism at play when it comes to customer retention. This is not about them wanting to serve one customer over the other.

    It is simply what happens when one customer brings in more profit, similar to how companies across the UK offer incentives for those who buy in bulk, whether in the form of lower prices or freebies.

    Now, if you are managing a business and you were asked to choose which customers you prefer, perhaps you can pinpoint a couple of names depending on how much they amount to sales. Those who bring in big money will be a preferred client, and you would do anything to keep them happy.

    Let the following tips help you improve relationships with them further:

    1. Train managers

    The way to handle preferred customers is to assign a person dedicated to their account and all their needs. This means it will take lesser time for someone to resolve any issues encountered with their account.

    You will want to give them your best account managers. However, even the best managers will benefit from key account management training so that their skills will always reflect best practices in the industry.

    Your account manager could have had a stellar reputation in the past, but without training, they may be using methods that are quite dated. That will simply contradict what you want to do for your customers, which is to offer them exceptional service.

    2. Be friendly

    You would be surprised to know that one of the secrets of keeping customers happy is talking to them about things not related to business. A little compassion goes a long way when fostering good and meaningful connections.

    man shaking the hand of a client

    Do not be afraid to introduce yourself on a personal level and if they offer information about their family, express your interest instead of brushing it aside. This is a precarious moment in your business relationship, of course, so look out for cues to know when you should step back. If they feel like they are under an inquisition, you have not done it right.

    3. Offer gift hampers

    They are your best customers, so they need the best in terms of services and exclusive offers. You may even offer them a first look at products or services being developed. For special occasions, do not forget to send them a little something to remind them of your presence and how you value their business.

    There is nothing more rewarding than making customers happy, and if they are satisfied with your service, it will reflect on their continued support. A simple act of gratitude will go a long way in keeping your connections alive.

    A letter to accompany your gift is optional but highly encouraged, as this gives the gift a more personal touch. It is even better if you can write the letters yourself.

    Part of keeping the business alive is forging strong ties with partners and clients. Every little effort you put into it will come back even stronger.

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