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    Skill Development: 10 Activities You Can Do With Your Kids

    Having kids can be demanding and rewarding at the same time. It’s given that having kids entails balancing quality time and work, so when you do have time to spare, spend it with your kids. You can play a game or two with them, do something that helps their personal development, and strengthen your relationship.

    You were once a kid, too, so it’s not that difficult to bridge the gap. Childhood is such a wondrous period, and it happens so fast. One day, you drive your kids to the daycare center, and they are off to college the next. So make sure that you and your kids create fond memories they can look back on when they become adults.

    Here are some fun activities for you and your kids that all of you will enjoy:

    1. Board Games

    Monopoly, Boggle, Jenga, Snake and Ladders, Battleship, and chess are some of the board games you can play with your kids. Playing board games is intellectually stimulating as it demands strategic planning and quick thinking. On top of that, it teaches your kids to interact with others.

    2. Planting

    Letting your kids get in touch with nature is one of the best gifts you can give them. Planting is not only therapeutic but also enriching. The possibility that your children’s children might get to enjoy the fruits or play with the trees that you once planted is a heartwarming thought.

    3. Hula Hoop

    Most have tried it even just once; it’s quite entertaining and can be frustrating at the same time. Some people are good at it, and most people are just not cut for it. There are many ways to play the hula hoop, and it’s not just about wearing it while shaking your hips. You can play targets, hoop scotch, roll along, or ring toss. It’s a simple, huge ring, yet it’s guaranteed to carve a smile in your heart.

    4. Frisbee

    There’s no need to make it a serious game. Ultimate Frisbee can be a strenuous and competitive game, as you need to craft different techniques and strategies to win the game. However, it can be a part of your exercise routine and make you run a lot, which is a healthy way to spend time with your kids.

    5. Kite Flying

    Creativity, design, and technical skill are required for this activity. It’s not as easy as it may seem. The design of your kite must accommodate the rule of aerodynamics and must be able to function well, which is to fly. Kite flying can also be very fulfilling, and it gives off this emotion of feeling where spirits are also flying as high as the kites.

    father and son biking

    6. Biking

    Going biking is more of a leg strengthening activity and covers a lot of lands that paves the way for sightseeing and discovering new places. Going biking as a family can be very healthy. It’s not only for your children but for you too, your children, and they’re young, exercise is the last thing they need.

    7. Stargazing

    Having a little background in astronomy could help a lot. Introducing your kid to the vastness of the universe by staring at the stars could help broaden their horizon and spark some interest. To tell them that each star is a sun and how the speed of light works, that some stars are no longer there, all we can see is the remnants of the light that’s taking time to travel to earth.

    8. Baking

    Teaching your kids how to bake can be a life skill. Baking does have its techniques, but also it teaches kids that things are not always bought in a restaurant or supermarket and that most things can be made from scratch. Therefore, you can encourage your kids to create with their hands and be productive.

    9. Camping

    Camp with your kids. It gives a sense of what it’s like in the wilderness and how to survive. To create fire, set up a tent, cook food, have duties and responsibilities, know the kinds of poisonous plants, and spot what are edibles—a night equipped with a guitar and a song, surrounding a bonfire and eventually exchanging ghost stories.

    10. Movie Night

    To watch a new movie or an old one. To be able to see what your kids are into and also share what you were once into. It’s a great way to spend a lovely night. You only need a projector, cozy weather, popcorn, drinks, and an excellent film to watch. It can be a documentary, biopic, or comedy. As long as the family is complete, it doesn’t matter what kind of film it is actually.

    Quality time with your kids is one of the best gifts in life. Savor this time while it still lasts; they won’t be kids forever. There will be a moment when they too will have their own families and get to do the things you do. It’s the circle of life, and the best you can do is to make sure they get to experience it to its fullest.

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