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    Mental Health: What Everyone Needs to Know

    Society has created many norms that, throughout the years, people discover to be highly questionable. One of these things is that men shouldn’t cry or be emotional like women, which is ridiculous given that everyone is capable of feeling emotions. Fortunately, many contemporary movements are shining a light on the many issues that were not openly talked about in the past, including men’s mental health.

    Statistics would say that women are more prone to having mental health problems. But this can be an inaccurate study because of how men are convinced by society to not talk about their problems. They are less likely to report the conditions of their mental state when studies are conducted. But one real thing is the rising suicide rate in the male population which is linked highly to mental health.

    So it is important to discuss the many facets of this issue to spread awareness about it and avoid losses that could have been prevented with the right information.

    Common Mental Health Problems of Men

    Depression and Anxiety

    Men can also plunge into depression but are taught to hide it so well that it can be difficult to detect. Seldom talked about, men will vent their emotions into something “manly,” like working out or doing woodwork. But these activities can only go so far because of how the inner turmoil can destroy a person without knowing it.

    Anxiety can go hand in hand with depression, making their emotions more complicated as time goes by. These can be caused by many things ranging from being stressed and suffering trauma to other diseases that manifest into emotional and mental issues.

    Body Image Issues

    Like women, men may suffer from body image issues caused by unrealistic expectations. Media always portray men as strong with chiseled bodies, tall stature, and deep voices. But normal men do not look or sound like that. This causes dissonance in the minds of men, wreaking havoc on their perceived self-image.

    Furthermore, some even become self-conscious in bed as they get older because of problems like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Even when these can be remedied by medication and procedures like shockwave therapy treatment, the idea that something is wrong can change their overall self-image.

    Substance Abuse

    Some men tend to abuse substances that can lead to addiction. Smoking, alcohol, and drugs are all destructive habits that can affect one’s physical health and mental health. Especially drugs and alcohol, these substances can alter the processes of the mind and endanger not only the self but other people within the environment.

    While under the influence, they lead to risk-taking behaviors done without full and proper judgment, further increasing the risk of repeating the behaviors many times in the future. They can also damage the brain, causing permanent changes that hinder living conditions.

    substance abuse

    Addressing the Issue

    Looking at the Symptoms

    Symptoms of mental health disorders and problems can vary depending on the person. Many will find that these problems show violent mood swings, often expressing rage and aggression. Some will show unwillingness to do anything, even the things they used to love doing.

    But physical symptoms can also manifest as headaches, breathing problems, palpitations, body pains, and digestion problems. Because of how some men will want to hide these symptoms, it can be beneficial to have a doctor regularly examine them to point out the issues and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

    Mental Health Education

    Mental health education can greatly help open the conversation about men’s mental health. It should be taught in school, in public spaces, and even inside the home because no one wants to suffer alone while battling invisible demons. Increasing awareness should be the primary goal while emphasizing the importance of always being supportive and respectful to others’ painful experiences comes second.

    Suicide Prevention

    The most painful part of having mental health problems is how it can sometimes make people want to stop existing. No matter how much one is suffering, there are always better solutions than taking one’s own life. So suicide prevention is one of the most important goals of opening the conversation of mental health.

    Giving support by reassuring them, checking on them, and letting them open up to you about their worries can help make things even slightly better. When you find serious warning signs on a person around you, you should immediately contact the authorities and try to deescalate the situation until they arrive.

    Mental health is always important to maintain because it can affect every aspect of a person’s life. Emotions controlled by mental struggles are powerful enough to create negative behaviors, but just as well, emotions from genuine love and concern can help to pull someone out of a bad place. So always be considerate of people’s behavior and give out as much love as possible.

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