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    Introverted Teens and Schools: What Options Can Be Considered?

    Introverts are inherently hardwired differently than extroverts, but they can thrive just as well, if not more when allowed to flourish in an environment that they are comfortable in. With a desire to create a learning platform that can cater to different kinds of personalities and preferences to help every student excel, you can look into many options when it comes to schooling to provide the best possible space for your introverted child.

    Here are some ways you can consider:


    Though this has been an option for quite a long while now, it sees a new resurgence as technology innovates and digital learning becomes more accessible to people. With a quick search, you can find an online senior high school in the Philippines with an excellent curriculum and serviceable fees.

    This type of set-up can help your introverted child feel more comfortable as classes are flexible and allow for more solitary work and time to pursue ideas and activities at their own pace and thought process. Introverts still have a natural curiosity and may be able to grasp concepts better when they have the time and space to ask questions one on one. Online classes also provide a schedule that isn’t restricted by the regular school year but instills self-discipline in your child to finish their obligations on time.

    Smaller institutions

    While it is still dependent on how comfortable your child is with social interaction, smaller schools or classes can allow your child to have an easier time adjusting. As there are fewer people and varied personalities that need to be catered to, your child can start spreading their wings a little while still being in a more comfortable space.

    This also allows teachers to be able to pay more one-on-one attention to each student, making the need to speak up in front of a large group less needed or frequent since instructors can give enough guidance for each individual. Additionally, when there are times that require interaction and collaboration, the smaller group settings can be less jarring than those with highly populated schools.

    Online workshops

    Girl with a laptop

    Short classes can help supplement an introvert’s learning journey. They provide the same educational benefits of a regular on-site workshop but give the student time to mull things afterward and comfortably communicate through chat and the like.

    This option also alleviates some pressure in terms of hands-on learning as they can still create and try things out for themselves without feeling the need to cater to other people working alongside them. When there is a call for collaborative output, it may still feel like a better safety net to the introvert that they can speak via digital methods that can make room for more thoughtful responses.

    Although it’s essential to be able to work with different environments and kinds of people, you can significantly put your child at ease and help them thrive in learning by providing them a platform that caters to their introversion. That does not necessarily hinder them socially, as it only boosts their academics and there are still other avenues to flourish socially.

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