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    Getting the Value Your Home Deserves: What Should You Do?

    Owning a home is a lifelong dream for most of us. For some, owning one can also be an investment. Some may start at a smaller home and buy a bigger and better home. If you’re planning to sell your current home, increasing its value may be necessary.

    Hiring a designer

    The smartest way to increase a home’s value is to consult an expert. According to Forbes, hiring a designer will result in a visually pleasing home; it will increase your home’s value and the number of potential buyers.

    Some shy away from consulting designers because it can be costly, but the investment is worth it. Since designers have a great eye to see potential, they can repurpose old items that can help you save. Hiring a designer can also expedite the time needed for remodeling. They have a clear vision, time is money, and with designers, saving time will ultimately save you from additional costs.

    Also, all you need is a one-hour consultation with a designer to gain valuable ideas for your home improvements. An average fee of 100 dollars is all you have to shell out to improve your home.


    One of the simplest ways you can improve your home’s value is through paint. USA Today published in an online article that paint can influence the selling price of your property. For example, having parts of your home with a terracotta shade or bold and dark colors may decrease your home value. If you have this type of paint in your home, it’s time to get busy. Change your house’s color to neutrals; these colors appeal to most people and, therefore, easier to sell.

    USA Today adds that shades of blue and pale gray, in particular, sell better than most homes. It’s because it makes the rooms larger; it also makes it easier for future homeowners to decorate the space according to their preference. Studies also found that homes with white paint or no paint sold less than those with light, simple colors.

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    Doing it yourself

    If designing is something you enjoy, feel free to look for inspirations from design magazines or shows with home decorating themes. The internet has a wealth of design ideas just waiting to be found; all you have to do is keep searching.

    Make sure to pick one that is simple enough so you can do it yourself. As we have learned earlier, if you’re increasing your home value for potential buyers, make sure that it is neutral enough to fit their taste.

    To get you started, here are some DIY ideas you can do to improve your home:

    1. Paint your kitchen

    We already know the value of paint in homes. It will even add more value when you start with the kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the home. This is where a family often gets together to cook food and share a meal. This also sometimes serves as an entertaining space for guests. Therefore, potential buyers will most likely look at the kitchen first in a home.

    But if you’re currently living in that home, you must also know that the kitchen is the most used and abused part of the house. Therefore, kitchen remodeling might be necessary to boost your home value. If you’re on a budget, simply painting it can do the trick.

    Fresh paint can remove the stains left from years of cooking, and it can also update your cabinets and make them look brand new. A light paint is always best to have a light and airy vibe in the kitchen.

    2. Fix your bathroom

    Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is the most used room in the house. As it is always exposed to water, some parts of the bathroom may need some changes.

    One of the things you can do is to fit new hardware in the sinks and bath. Doing this will make your bathroom look brand new and will ultimately appeal to future buyers. Storage is also important. A simple towel rack is valuable but to amp up your home’s value; you may also want to add floating shelves for more storage spaces.

    Leaving the selling to the experts

    If you’re new to selling properties, it might be a good idea to employ listing agent services. These services will help you get the best value for your home fast. These agencies have tools to maximize your property’s exposure to potential buyers who will pay the premium value your new and improved home truly deserves.

    Selling your home shouldn’t be a difficult task if you’re prepared for it. Remember, its value matters when it’s put up for sale. So take the necessary steps to ensure that it can capture any homebuyer’s attention.

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