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    How You Can Efficiently Balance Your Mind, Body, and Soul

    We often struggle to create a balance between our mind, body, and soul. Some are too focused on just filling their schedules with productive tasks, while others mindlessly eat food they think is healthy for them. But are your holistically healthy? Or, you want to challenge yourself?

    If you want to experience a life that satisfies and fulfills you, you must find ways that align your mind, body, and soul. In this guide, we have some suggestions that could help you bring more balance to these three sides.

    1. Fuel body with healthy food

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    Eating unhealthy food is not just bad for your body. A bad diet can also disrupt your spiritual, emotional, and mental wellness. You can feel more energized and rested if you fuel your body with nutrient-dense and healthy food instead of processed ones. Apart from that, a healthy diet can also have an amazing impact on your hair and skin. So whether you want to have that undisturbed mind, strong body, or clearer skin, stay away from a poor diet.

    2. Journal your thoughts

    One way to feel holistically calm is to journal your thoughts and feelings. This is not about simply writing down your to-do list. It’s about diving deeper and releasing the thoughts and feelings that take up too much space in your mind. Write whatever you feel in any style (lyrical, poetic, or free form) and medium (on paper or digitally) that you want. Through journaling, you can confess even your most private fears, unleash your creativity, and reflect on yourself.

    3. Do your hobbies


    Hobbies can vary – it can be academic, physical, creative, or just relaxing. These may include music, writing, reading, dancing, fishing, painting, gardening, or even sports. However, the level of engagement between doing something just for fun and doing a hobby is quite different. For instance, you love taking dance lessons because it gives you a sense of calmness or peace deep within. Whereas watching movies is fun and all, but it rarely feeds your need for purpose and meaning. Engage yourself in activities that both ignite your passions and bring you joy.

    4. Do a digital detox

    Reducing your use of technology can have a great impact on your overall wellness. Digital detox, in particular, is where you’ll stop using your computers, smartphones, and television. To do this effectively, you can set time and physical boundaries every day so you can free time to do technology-free activities like reading books. Or set up your devices for a better purpose. Only install apps and use features that play a role in improving your productivity or are good for your mental health. Try not to totally rely on digital devices and focus on other important things like physical activities and social interactions.

    5. Seek support

    If you often feel disconnected or have difficulty finding balance within you, seek support from your loved ones. Having a strong support system doesn’t just help reduce anxiety and depression but also helps you reach a higher level of your well-being and live a healthier life. Connect with your family, friends, or trusted colleagues as they can provide you appraisal, emotional, informational, and instrumental support. They can help you make difficult decisions and even manage your everyday challenges.

    6. Work out mindfully

    working out

    Surely, physical goals are useful if there’s no deeper meaning attached. So when we say get moving, we mean to do it mindfully – in a way that makes you think and feel good. Reflect on why and how you’ll work out your body before carelessly heading to the gym. Take it slow. You can try calming yoga or tai chi for a physically, mentally, and spiritually powerful practice. These can holistically improve your health.

    7. Practice self-awareness

    There’s no better way to start improving yourself than practicing self-awareness first – from your tendencies, habits, traits up to your personality. Falling under the context of emotional intelligence, mastering self-awareness can guide you in reacting to life the right way. Be aware of your weaknesses and strength, do personality tests, get out of your comfort zone, learn about psychology, and sustain a healthy and meaningful relationship with your inner self.

    In truth, many of our ways and habits unintentionally cause a disconnection between our mind, body, and soul. You might eat those chocolates and chips to treat yourself after a hectic week but only to feel regretful afterward. Or, you might do some intense HIIT workouts to stay fit but dread every workout. But by doing all these wellness tips together, you can pleasantly balance your mind, body, and soul and feel healthier than before.

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