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    Student Woes: How to Stay Afloat during the Pandemic

    BBC reported earlier this year the effects of Covid-19 on the economy. Although we see some signs of recovery, some of us struggle to make ends meet.

    College students were also affected by the economic crisis. Some of them have to juggle jobs to keep themselves afloat. If you see yourself in this situation, you should pay close attention to this article.

    The popularity of remote jobs surged during the pandemic. You must capitalize on this phenomenon. Remote jobs will give you a flexible schedule. With a little research, you will find the right one. Here are some of them:

    Outsourced Services

    This type of job is a miniature version of the BPO. If you are an accounting student, you can assist small businesses with their bookkeeping. If you are a premed student, you can offer to outsource medical scribing services.

    Several platforms allow freelancers to offer their services to potential clients. You will register on these websites and take exams. They will ask you to enumerate your skills and to provide your hourly rate.

    When doing this, you should only pitch for jobs that you are comfortable with. Attempting to offer services out of your expertise may lead to unsatisfied clients and bad ratings. It will drive away potential clients.

    student learning online with mother

    Answering Surveys

    Instead of taking up another job, why don’t you register as a respondent for numerous market research companies? They offer rewards for answering surveys. Some of these studies can take up to 20 minutes. Others will only take you 5 minutes.

    This endeavor does not pay much. But you will always have surveys to answer. Some companies prevent their respondents from answering too many studies in one day. The topics can vary from highly sensitive health issues to fun movies.

    If you choose to register as a respondent, you have to fill out your profile honestly. Market research companies can weed out false information. Some surveys will ask you to fill out in sentences. In this situation, you must not write gibberish. You will not be rewarded for doing this and might even be blocked from the site.

    Does this sound interesting? If you want to learn more, you can visit these sites:

    Some of these sites are third parties that will allow you to answer surveys from different market research companies. is an example.

    Online Tutorials

    As a student, you are in a position to help other students. Why not monetize such an opportunity? Several tuition agencies can link you to students who need help with their assignments.

    Let us say that you took up finance. You can sign up at If accepted, they will profile you on what subjects you can help. You will be working with fellow finance students as well as those who took up entrepreneurship. Of course, you can answer questions about the English language and literature.

    One of the advantages of signing up for is working on this with your phone. This feature will allow you to work instead of waiting idly for the next class. You can answer some questions even if you do not have your laptop handy.

    You can also teach other nationalities the English language. VIPKids offer teachers a competitive package of $14-22 per hour. But they have a stringent recruitment process. Currently, is offering Mandarin to kids. If you know the language, this is a plus factor.

    You also have the option of selling your notes to other students. offers such an option. All you have to do is upload your notes to the website. But be warned! Many have submitted their outline.

    This website allows people to tutor students. You may want to try your luck on this platform. Just like, you can bring your work everywhere.

    Whether you choose or, both of these platforms encourage their tutors not to do the thesis itself. They have written on their websites that tutors should only guide the students in doing the thesis.

    With a student loan, you are struggling to make ends meet. Things have become even trickier because of the pandemic. But with some imagination, you can make it out alive.

    These options will give you flexibility because you can do your task any time of the day. If you are an online tutor, you can choose your schedule. It gives you full control of your life as you balance school and work.

    This type of schedule will allow you to take care of yourself. You do not have to sacrifice your health because you work two shifts on top of your classes. It is a win-win situation for you.

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