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    The Top 6 Highest-paying Careers in Australia

    Australia is popular for its natural wonders, remarkable creatures, and still, it is one of the most citified states in the world. This means this country is quick to adapt to the latest trends in the world of business and industry.

    This further means that as a person seeking employment in this part of the world, you will have no problem finding your desired job there. There are many choices of professions in Australia today, such as expert tax accountants, lawyers, journalists, and so on. There are numerous careers to choose from.

    However, if you are more interested in knowing which jobs have the potential to help you become a millionaire, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the highest-paying careers in Australia today. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

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    1. General Counsel

    By now, it is a well-known fact that lawyers are well-paid. What is not so well-known is the fact that they are among the highest paid in Australia today. A general counsel is the head lawyer in a law firm or legal department in a country.

    They are paid an average of close to half a million, $400,000! That’s a massive figure. However, to attain such and reach the level of a general counsel that’s paid that high, there are specific qualifications you would have to meet:

    • Have at least a bachelor’s degree in law
    • Finished PLT (Practical Legal Training)
    • Get a practicing certificate from a law society
    • Finish at least 18 months of practice at a law firm while supervised.

    2. Anesthetics

    Anesthetists earn about $386,065 per year. This is a medical professional whose task is to give anesthetics to patients. But, don’t be deceived. It is not as easy as it sounds.

    There are a lot of technicalities and risks involved, which makes it such a high-paying job. This is why you need to meet these prerequisites before you can get to this level:

    • Have a medical degree
    • Do and complete an internship at an approved and recognized hospital.
    • Complete your residency at an approved and recognized hospital
    • Complete five years of training with the Australian and New Zealand College of Anesthetists.

    3. Cardiologist

    Considering that health is wealth, it should be no surprise that there is another high-paying paying career in the medical industry. A cardiologist is a medical professional who specializes in the treatment of the heart. He studies the patient’s heart, recommends drugs, and carries out surgeries if need be.

    This is another highly technical job that can’t be done by just anybody. To be a cardiologist in Australia, you need to:

    • Have a bachelors degree in medicine
    • Have a doctor of medicine degree
    • Do and complete an internship at an approved and recognized hospital.
    • Complete your residency at an approved and recognized hospital
    • Study for six years at the Royal Australasian College of General Practitioners while you work as a doctor
    • Complete an Advanced Training in Cardiology

    4. Project Manager

    The construction industry also has a lot of high-paying careers in the field. The highest-paid of them in Australia is the project manager.  This is a person who oversees the entire construction project. They earn about $350,000.

    They do much more than just overlook the projects. They are in charge of the budgeting, staff monitoring, making sure the project is successfully executed. To reach this position, you need to:

    • Have at least a bachelor’s degree in business administration
    • Gain credible experience in areas related to management

    5. Company Secretary

    A company secretary provides a company with clerical, legal, and administrative services. That helps the company remain focused on its goals and keep running effectively. This job pays about $342,500. If you want to become a company secretary in Australia, you need to:

    • Have at least a Bachelor’s degree in business administration, business law, Public Administration or Accountancy
    • Gain credible experience in areas related to this field

    6. Head of Operations

    The head of operations in the mining industry earns an average of  $325,000 each year.  This person is in charge of all the activities that go on in the workplace. This person ensures the materials are properly utilized and that the profits are higher than the risks. This is a delicate job that is heavily dependent on experience. You need to:

    • Have at least a diploma in project management
    • Gain credible experience in this industry

    Final Words

    There you have it; a list of the most profitable careers in this country. We hope that this article helps you know if your job falls into this category and helps you make the right decision.

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