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    Genius of the Generation: How to Train Your Students to Be More Creative

    Students need to be more creative than ever. The world is quickly changing that they must develop the ability to come up with better ideas to stay ahead of their fast-paced environment. At the same time, times have gone more problematic, that their fresh and wild imagination is a welcome contribution to the issues society faces.

    Not to put too much pressure on you, but as the teacher, you have the responsibility of honing your students’ creativity. With that, train your class to be creative geniuses with these learning techniques:

    Active Learning

    Involve the students as much as you can in discussions. After each lesson, ask thought-provoking questions where they can explore better the subject matter. Let them interact with other students’ insights — let’s say, in round table discussions or debates.

    For instance, when analysing a certain literary piece, ask them whether the protagonist made a morally sound decision or not. In fraction and decimal lessons, ask them how they think scientists apply such concepts. This helps in improving creativity as it gets their minds used to thinking actively always.

    To avoid a creative block, stimulate their minds with variety. Use different platforms or activities to engage them. Some educators use music, games, concept maps, and art. Try to have a healthy mix of such to sustain children’s attention.

    Outdoor Learning

    Students jumping for a photoOnce in a while, take your students outside for an outdoor learning session. Experts say that interaction with nature helps soothe stress, which is beneficial for cultivating a mind ready for creative insights.

    A new environment also helps break the monotony of the four-walled classroom your students always see, so it gives them fresh inspirations. You should take note though of the weather when you are holding outdoor classes. It is good if your campus would have school canopies UK manufacturers offer so you can offer students better protection from the sun, or you can also have stand-alone shelters that can serve as outdoor classrooms.


    Students are able to better exercise their ability to think outside the box when they are faced with a risk to take. Give them opportunities where they could safely embrace risks, like encouraging them to join the drama club or letting them read poetry in front of the class for the first time.

    Do not forget to acknowledge their perseverance in taking on unfamiliar tasks. Instil a culture of celebrating small victories. At the same time, reassure them that it is okay to make mistakes as you take risks. In fact, help them embrace and learn from failures, to see it as a necessary part of the creative journey. This is also a reminder to you when you feel like swooping into their rescue when you feel like they are about to fail. Let them take risks.

    Imagine how the world could get better if more children will cultivate the ability to think outside the box. As much as it is a burden to train kids towards creativity, it is a privilege to be part of raising a generation who is bursting in imagination, eager to solve problems, and filled with wonderful ideas. Remember these techniques as you shape the geniuses of this era.

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