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    How Can the Government Provide Education to Special Children?

    The world is moving at a very fast pace. Day by day and minute by minute the world is developing something new; something astonishing; something extraordinary. In this career-focused world, you need to travel at a pace that would match others. Education nowadays is not considered as a luxury but as a basic human right, every child after birth has the right to demand education, learning, and growth. The country you live in is obligated to give a child the childcare services they deserve.

    Some of us are born with perfect physical and mental capabilities, however, some of us are not but that does not deny these ‘special’ people the basic right to education. One such special group that needs these childcare facilities is the ‘deaf and dumb’ group. People who cannot hear or speak since childbirth are different; agreed.

    But not lacking, although they have special needs and require special schools, these children can just as easily enroll and learn in normal schools as well. Developing programs, developing better schools, and advancing the education system can help these children live a normal and healthy lifestyle.


    Awareness is a key aspect in acquiring new information. Firstly, awareness about the conditions of these children is necessary, public awareness programs should be held where the skills that these children harbor could be shown, a basic sign language program should be held where simple signs should be taught. Secondly, awareness about the different programs working for the welfare of these children should be explained, private and government schools should be explained how to adapt these programs in their schools to help these children.

    Donation welfare should be brought up all around the world for a better lifestyle for them. Lastly, the parents of these children should be taught sign language so that they can easily communicate with their children.

    Development of ‘special programs’

    The first and the most important step in developing a program for these children is to admit them to certain schools, these children should not be prevented from learning in normal schools. Methods such as making the students learn sign language shows them how easily a person who cannot speak or hear can communicate with anyone.

    Using visuals as a medium to teach students rather than using sound could prove to be efficient, a study done on exam study proved that a child learns better when visualizing or conjuring images rather than hearing something. Provide these children with plenty of reading materials for example books, newspapers, e-books so that their learning and understanding ability improves.

    teacher and student

    Development of ‘special schools’

    If the country or government is lacking in applying these special programs into every school then, schools should be specially built for them as it is an ideal mode for learning for these children. The schools should be built according to the children’s needs. The entire school should be decorated with vibrant and colorful posters and learning materials. Personally, an ideal teacher to teach them would be one who itself lacks the ability to speak or hear, that way they can teach these children better.

    The most important aspect of a special school should be able to provide with vocational learning, the child should be able to learn computer skills, fine arts, calligraphy, graphics embroidery, hardware, etc. These schools should not only provide basic learning, but they should also provide specialized degrees so that these children might be able to work with what they have learned.

    If this article could be summed up in a paragraph it would be that all human beings are not born equal, all of us have some kind of flaw inside us, the only difference is that some can hide their flaw while some cannot. That does not make these people ‘lacking’ in any sort. There is a famous saying that if God closes one door he opens many windows, the same applies here. If one of your abilities is taken, a lot of your abilities are or will be enhanced.

    A lot of these children are extremely gifted, and they possess incredible abilities. All they require is a platform where they can groom these abilities, besides education is a birthright, it does not mention that a person has to have certain senses or capabilities to receive it, these special children and all those special children who lack certain attributes can live a good lifestyle just like most of us. Moreover, they can even work for the betterment of their country.

    Therefore, always remember, all of us are equal and should be treated likewise.

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