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    Driving Essentials for First-Timers: Licenses, Road Awareness, and More

    Driving is one of the most essential things that you would need to learn — whether it’s for comfort, escaping the nightmare of public transportation, for leisure, or for other emergencies that would involve driving, it’s no doubt that learning how to drive is very important.

    However, there are many instances in which vehicular accidents happen due to reckless driving, or even worse drunk driving. Just like any other skill, driving requires focus, determination, and practice. It’s normal to feel nervous when you’re first just starting to learn, but here’s what you would need to know first when you start learning how to drive:

    Age Limit

    The age requirement for acquiring a full professional driver’s license in most countries is 18 years old and above, but in the USA it depends on the state, but it usually varies between 16–18 years old. You have to be of age before you can legally acquire a driver’s license.

    Driving Course Completions

    In the US, there are laws that apply to the whole nation (federal laws) and there are laws that are exclusively enforced in certain states (state laws). For driving requirements, for instance, the TLSAE course is required by the DMV, which stands for Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education which is a 4-hour program that needs to be completed before obtaining a driver’s license.

    Of course, other states may not enforce this, but for Florida residents, it is a general requirement before getting to drive in the state. It’s important that you’re aware of the driving requirements in different states first.

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    You Will Drive the Car

    After you’ve completed the requirements and you’re qualified, in driving school, your instructor will most likely be sitting on the passenger seat and you will immediately be in control of the car. It’s normal to feel nervous at first, but in driving whether you’re just starting or not, confidence is key. If it would help you calm your nerves though, most cars in driving cars are insured and equipped with a brake on the instructor’s side just in case something goes badly.

    General Knowledge About Road Rules and Regulations

    Of course, it wouldn’t be just enough to know how to drive a car, it’s also important to be aware of the different traffic laws and these include familiarity with road signs, traffic lights, knowing the way and proper directions, and most importantly, road awareness.

    Remember, once you start driving you are also sharing the road with hundreds of others, so being extra careful and respectful of the laws will not only possibly save your life but others’ as well. Practicing patience will also help you become a better driver, once you start driving because heavy traffic and reckless drivers are bound to trigger road rage in you. It’s important to always keep your calm at all times.

    Driving for the first time, just like any other skill, would be scary to try at first. But with enough confidence, mastery of the basics of the car and road, and mutual respect towards other drivers, your driving would become as easy and smooth as breathing.

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