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    A Quick Look at the Different TVL Strands of Senior High School

    Since the implementation of the K-12 program in 2013, Filipino high school students have been given a unique opportunity to hone practical skills while broadening their overall knowledge base. The current K-12 program in the country lets high school students decide on a specific academic track that suits their interests, with each track providing different “strands” or curriculums that focus on a specific aspect of that particular discipline.

    One of the most unique and practical academic tracks created for the K-12 program is the Technical-Vocational-Livelihood track, or TVL. The TVL track focuses its curriculum on providing students with technical expertise and vocational training so that they may seek out livelihood opportunities right after senior high school.

    This is the perfect strand for students who may not currently have the funds to go to college, or for students who want to become contributing members of society as soon as possible. Within this academic track are strands that promote subjects that serve as training for future employment.

    These TVL strands are designed specifically to provide students with the skills they need to excel in both personal entrepreneurial projects, or as employees in public service or the private sector.

    Here’s a brief look at each of the strands.

    TVL Strands: Information and Communication Technology

    The Information and Communication Technology strand of the TVL track is aimed at providing students with highly technical computer and digital skills. Because these skills are fast becoming one of the most in-demand technical skills both locally and abroad, students of the Information and Communication Technology strand will be fully equipped and qualified to enter the tech industry right out of high school.

    The ICT strand also prepares students for a livelihood in the tech industry, with subjects like ICT Entrepreneurship that helps students learn more about applying their ICT knowledge to create economic opportunities both for themselves and their communities.

    TVL Strands: Industrial Arts

    The Industrial Arts strand of the TVL track is focused on providing students with hands-on practical training in various industrial activities such as, but not limited to:

    • Carpentry
    • Tile Setting
    • Plumbing
    • Welding
    • Electronics Repair
    • Electrical Installation
    • Automotive Servicing
    • Driving

    As these skills require industrial knowledge, many students will find this to be an entry point to higher education in the field of engineering or industrial design. However, should students choose to go straight into employment, the Industrial Arts strand will prepare them for a career in industrial activities.

    father and son doing carpentry

    TVL Strands: Home Economics

    The Home Economics strand of the TVL track offers classes and training in a wide variety of specialized economic activities that students can do from home. These livelihood projects are a great way for students to start a lucrative cottage industry with minimal capital, or use the training to find gainful employment in the food-and-beverage industry or the service industry.

    Many, if not all, of the subjects offered in this track is primarily focused with hands-on practical activities. Not only will this hone the muscle memory of students, it will also teach them the value of hard work and physical labor.

    TVL Strands: Agri-Fishery Arts

    The Agri-Fishery Arts strand of the TVL track is a specialized strand designed as preparation for students wishing to enter the Agricultural and Fishery industries, either as researchers or as entrepreneurs. While the Agri-Fishery Arts is also hands-on, students will also spend a decent amount of time studying various theories about agriculture and aquaculture.

    However, the Agri-Fishery Arts strand also dedicates a portion of its curriculum teaching students practical skills such as food processing, animal production, as well as landscape installation and rubber production.

    TVL Strands: TVL Maritime

    One of the more specialized strands in the TVL track, the TVL Maritime strand of the TVL track prepares students for a career in the maritime industry. The TVL Maritime is different from the Pre-Baccalaureate Maritime strand of the STEM track in that the TVL strand focuses primarily on support level programs and Ratings Forming a Watch program.

    That being said, the TVL Maritime and the Pre-Baccalaureate Maritime strands are usually only offered by schools that have special permission from the Department of Education and are recognized by MARINA to offer a Merchant Marine Officer program.

    As with other academic tracks, however, not all of these strands will be available in every school: public and private schools will offer different tracks and strands depending on their specialties and their capabilities. Check with the senior high school that you are considering whether they offer a particular strand that you and your child are interested in.

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