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    Boost Your Focus While Studying for More Efficient Learning

    Learning is a task many people are familiar with. You may be fond of it, maybe not. But one thing people have in common is getting distracted while studying. There are times that we seem to lose focus on learning things we’re supposed to. This can even make you question how you can entertain distractions cause they seem to come in during your study time.

    People who easily get distracted suffer more. They have a lot to endure before they can even get to learn what they’re studying. If you’re one of those people, you may want to learn how to focus more effectively.

    So how can you do it? How can you reduce distractions while you’re trying to study? Here are some useful tips you can use for more efficient learning.

    Listen to music

    If you think music can divert your focus, you’re not correct. Studying with music can help your brain absorb more learning. A study reveals that having background music while studying can benefit one’s memory. So that’s one reason why listening to music while studying can help you learn. Get to listen to music that doesn’t have lyrics you can sing along to. In that way, you won’t get distracted by the song you’re listening to.

    Instrumental music like classical and ambient is very suitable for studying. If you can’t choose music for yourself, rely on music streaming services. Apple Music and Spotify have a great selection of study music gathered in playlists. Music can be the best remedy even for reducing diversions in learning.

    Choose your classes

    Sometimes, the class that you enrolled in may affect your studies. Some classes accept so many students that the proctor couldn’t deliver their message effectively. If this is also the case with you, try enrolling in a class with only a few students. Your local charter schools and other academic institutions near you may be offering this. You can also choose a schedule when fewer students enroll.

    This way, the instructor would have fewer students to teach. This will make learning more accessible for the participants. The instructor can even micromanage each student who needs extra attention. It’ll benefit you the most if you have a problem with concentration. You can easily ask clarifying questions to your instructor since it’ll be easier for them to entertain some. Choose your classes wisely if you want an effective learning setup.

    Drop your phone

    If you want to focus, you should never be near anything that can break your concentration. One of those things is your mobile phone. Vox details how phones and their interface were designed to be addicting. It even shows how the pull-to-refresh mechanism was imitated from slot machines.

    This kind of makes perfect sense given how tech companies can profit off people’s attention. So you may want to put away your mobile phone first during study time. This can minimize instances of you getting stuck looking at your phone screen.

    Use focus profiles

    There may be instances when you really can’t put away your phone. In this case, you may use a focus profile. It’s a feature on mobile phones that allows you to customize notifications. This feature is useful for promoting concentration. You can use this, especially when you don’t want to be bothered by notifications that aren’t momentarily relevant. It can be helpful while you study, so you can only be notified of the most important events.

    Organize your schedule


    Getting everything organized can help you focus on specific things. You have to dedicate yourself to that particular time when you pledge to put your focus on study. Allotting a schedule on important things can force you to not waste any time. This can prompt you to dedicate all your focus to those things you put on your schedule. It’ll make you feel that you’re not supposed to get behind what you’ve programmed yourself to do.

    Write what your read

    This method can give you more time to reflect on what you’re learning. Writing what you read forces you to only take notes of the most vital parts of whatever you’re reading. This way, you can effortlessly absorb the most important parts of your learning material. It also makes you think more critically, especially on concepts you don’t get. This method can also help sharpen your memorization skills. Most importantly, it helps maintain your focus on the subject you’re studying.

    Don’t let distractions get in the way of your study habits. Make learning more efficient by boosting your focus. Give the tips above a try to enhance your concentration.

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