What to Bring to Class

Note: This List Will be Emailed to You when you Register

                                                                                  What To Bring to A Day Classmattfire

Weather appropriate clothing*, Rain gear

Non-serrated Fixed blade knife**

Notebook and pen

Snacks, Drinking/Coffee cup

Water bottle


What to bring to Multi-Day/Overnight ClassVirginia Seasons

Several changes of weather appropriate clothing*,  Rain gear

2 Pairs of Shoes

Non-serrated Fixed blade knife**

Notebook and pen

Tent or tarp, Sleeping bag and pad

Important personal items, Toiletries

Drinking/coffee cup, Water bottle, Snacks

Camping stove, food, and cooking supplies

Plate or bowl and utensils

Flashlight, Camera

*No matter the time of year or location, weather can change quickly. It is recommended that you bring some warm clothes even in summer. **If you are not sure what knife to get, please contact us.