Garden Do’s and Don’ts


Now presenting… Our 2015 gardening plan included a lot of experimenting. Some places are definitely more experimental than others! It’s great because it’s adding to our first-hand knowledge and experience bank. Everything we need to know about doing our best next year can be found

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The Bean Field


Our current bean field started as a completely overgrown plot of rows that we resurrected. First, McNeill used the weed eater to make the rows passable. Then with the help of some volunteers we used shovels and turned over the dirt in the rows to expose

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We have Bees!


…because our flowers were lonely,  …they’re not anymore!   Among other wild flowers, this year we had acres of red clover fields. What a perfect time to start keeping bees. We purchased two “nuc” (short for nucleus) hives—basically  fully operational mini-hives with queens who are

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