Visitor Information

We Welcome You!

-Visiting outside of a class or event. Please contact us in advance if you’d like to visit our farm outside of a scheduled event or class. We love visitors; however, the staff of Earth Village Education are typically very busy conducting classes, running the farm, or working in the office, so give us a heads-up via phone or e-mail before stopping by. Thank you!

-Pets. Students are prohibited from bringing pets to Earth Village Education. For various reasons (there are farm animals and staff-owned pets at Earth Village Education, there is lots of poison ivy, etc.) we have a no-pet policy. However, service animals are welcome.

-Drugs. Illegal drugs are not permitted on campus.

-Firearms. Firearms are not permitted on campus.

-Alcohol. Alcohol is not permitted during classes.

-Smoking. Smoking is not allowed anywhere except in the designated smoking area. Please properly dispose of your extinguished butts in the receptacle at the smoking area.

-Mobile phone use. Mobile phone use is discouraged to preserve the “rural retreat” ambiance. During classes, please turn your phone to “airplane mode” and stow phones. If you must use your phone, please move away from the group to minimize distraction.

-Personal property. Earth Village Education is not responsible for property belonging to students and guest instructors.

-Accessibility. Earth Village Education is committed to accommodating guests with disabilities. If you have any special needs that might require assistance, please let our office know in advance of your visit.

-Attendant age. Attendants must be at least 18 years of age. Our classes are geared toward adults. They contain a lot of information, sometimes periods of lecture and often the use of knives, saws and other sharp tools. Minors may attend and be registered when accompanied by a registered adult if the minor is able to fully participate in class activities. If your child cannot participate fully in the class, we discourage their attendance so you may focus completely. This is safer for everyone as we value your experience and cannot offer any assistance in watching children.

-Open door policy. All students are welcome at Earth Village Education regardless of race, sex, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin.

-Restricted buildings. For your safety and for preserving the personal space of the farm’s residents, please do not go into any building unless directed otherwise.

Farm and Forest

Earth Village Education has many beautiful areas for strolling and quiet meditation, including our gardens and forested areas. While you are enjoying our farm, please keeping in mind the following requests:

-Our neighbors are lovely folks who we don’t want to disturb. If you would like to explore away from the center of campus, ask a staff person for some guidance or even a map.
-Please don’t disturb anything in the gardens unless a staff person (or a sign) tells you it is OK!
-Don’t disturb farm animals or wildlife.
-Pack out all trash.
-Watch for poison ivy – there is a lot of it around! If you’re not sure what it looks like, ask a staff person.
-Check yourself for ticks. There are three species of ticks in northern Virginia that commonly bite people, and April through September is peak tick season. We strongly suggest that you check your entire body at least once every 24 hour for ticks after spending time outdoors.


What to expect when attending a one-day class:

-Being Present. Our instructors use the scheduled class time to the fullest! Please arrive on time and plan on staying on campus for the duration of the class. Even the lunch break is a good time to get to know other students, share knowledge, practice a skill on your own, or take a walk through our gardens or woods.

-Water. We provide drinking water. We have cups available, but we recommend bringing your own water bottle so you can stay hydrated throughout the day.

-Snacks. We provide tea, coffee, and snacks (fruit, trail mix). Feel free to bring your own additional snacks to help keep you energized and happy between meals.

-Lunch. Bring a packed lunch to enjoy during the lunch break.

-Restrooms. There are toilet and hand washing facilities.

-For one-day classes, we suggest you bring the following:
Durable clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty, sturdy shoes, a warm layer and rain jacket in case of cold or wet weather, a warm hat, a sun hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, a water bottle, lunch, snacks, a notebook, a knife (fixed-blade preferred; folding knife with a lockable blade acceptable).

What to expect when attending multi-day classes:

-Typical Day. You can expect very full days starting early in the morning and going into the evening, with a variety of activities, rain or shine. Classes will break for lunch. After dinnertime, classes will sometimes reconvene for an evening lecture or additional skill practice.

-Accommodations. Earth Village Education offers beautiful primitive camping spots where you can set up a tent, hammock, or tarp. Students are expected to bring their own camping equipment (e.g., tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad). Please contact us if you would like any advice or have questions.

-Meals. We do not provide meals at this time. Students generally eat a quick breakfast made with hot water and a cold lunch. For dinner, many students choose to combine ingredients they brought to make a communal, potluck-style meal over the fire or using their camping stoves. We can sometimes offer in-season produce from our gardens and forests to supplement the food you bring! Please come prepared to feed yourself well, with plenty of food, a camping stove, and cooking supplies.

-Food Storage. We share the woods with many wild animals. We ask that you store your food in the provided receptacles or in your vehicle so the animals don’t get a chance to eat it. We will have a cooler with ice or a refrigerator on hand for items you would like to keep cold.

-Being present. Multi-day classes typically involve very full days, with instruction and skill practice time extending into the evening. We discourage students from leaving the property for the full duration of the class. Instead, we encourage using the time on our campus to get to know our instructors and other students, share knowledge, and build skills together while enjoying our farm.

Click here for the What To Bring to Class List