The Property

Earth Village Education is located on a 96-acre parcel of gardens, pastures, ponds, wetlands, and forest in northern Virginia, one hour west of Washington, D.C. We are passionate about permaculture and we’re always experimenting with new ways to create abundance. Among other things, on the farm we grow vegetables and fruit, raise pigs and chickens, compost our food scraps and chop firewood.

The south-facing roofs of our garage and barn are covered in solar panels which produce much of our electricity, and the residences on the property are heated and cooled using state-of-the-art geothermal technology, with woodstoves as supplemental sources of heat.

The ground floor of our barn is being turned into a rustic classroom. In the forested areas of the property we’ve created fire circles for gathering and teaching. There are also lots of small clearings in which students can camp when attending multi-day classes.