Hill School Nature Club

Is your Hill School student an adventure seeker, nature lover, woods ninja, or eco-artisan?

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Earth Village Education is excited to offer Hill School students in grades 4-7 the opportunity to learn about the great outdoors through our seven-week after-school Nature Club! If your children like to explore the woods, learn wilderness living skills, and uncover amazing stories and secrets of the natural world, they’ll love this club.

Nature Club takes place for seven consecutive Wednesdays, September 20 through November 1, from 4 – 6 pm. The cost is $240/child for all seven weeks, and includes all materials and tools.


EVE Nature Club

During the Club we’ll explore the Hill School forest, play games, make projects, build skills, learn about the natural world, and most of all, HAVE FUN!


  • Time and location. Earth Village Education instructors will meet all Nature Club participants promptly at 4 PM at the picnic tables between the Hill School cafeteria and gym. Once everyone has arrived, we’ll load into a 15-passenger van and drive to the Dornin Science Center (on the south end of the Hill School campus). We’ll head into the woods near the Dornin Science Center for the next hour and forty-five minutes or so. Nature Club concludes at 6 PM; please pick up your children at the Dornin Science Center (1751 Halfway Road, Middleburg, VA 20117 ) promptly at 6 PM.
  • Inclement weather. Nature Club will take place “rain or shine,” and even if it’s drizzling, we’ll probably be outside! If there is lightning, heavy wind, or heavy rain, we’ll head to the Dornin Science Center and do indoor activities. However, because we like to stay outside whenever possible, we ask that participants bring and/or wear the following:
    • “Outdoor” clothing. Participants should wear closed-toe shoes and clothing that’s OK to get a little dirty. We recommend that participants wear (or change into, if need be) clothing and shoes that are OK to get muddy and wet—we want them to feel free to play and immerse themselves fully in the activities, not be worried about their clothes!
    • Weather protection. Participants should wear or bring clothing that will keep them comfortable in a variety of weather conditions. Even if the forecast isn’t calling for cold or wet weather, all participants should bring a rain jacket, warm layer, and warm hat to every Nature Club session.
  • Ticks and poison ivy. Ticks and poison ivy are common in meadow and forest environments. EVE will educate participants about these potential hazards. We strongly recommend that all participants do a thorough “tick check” after each Nature Club session.
  • Knives. Knives are incredibly useful and versatile tools, and being able to use a knife—safely and proficiently—is a fundamental wilderness skill (and life skill). Some activities at Nature Club will involve using knives for whittling, making art projects, and creating tools. Working with knives is, of course, inherently risky, and it’s possible that your child could cut him/herself. As with all our activities, safety is our top priority, and we take great care in instructing and supervising knife use. First, we teach participants that knives are tools that need to be used with great respect. Then, we train participants in principles of knife safety. Finally, we introduce knife skills as part of a progression, starting with simple techniques and only introducing more advanced techniques when we judge that participants are ready. Please note: we will provide knives during activities that require knives. However, if your child owns a knife, he/she may bring it to camp. All knives must remain stowed away in backpacks until participants are given specific permission to get them out. We will inspect all participant knives before they are used to make sure they are appropriate. If participants do not follow our knife safety rules, they will not be allowed to continue using knives at Nature Club.
  • Cancellations and refunds. Please note that we are unable to offer refunds for this program once the registration fee has been paid.

Please note: this camp is only available to students of The Hill School, Middleburg, Virginia. If your child attends a different school, or you think your school would like to have Earth Village Education conduct a Nature Club there, please contact the EVE offices. We are currently planning other school club opportunities for the spring season.