FREE CLASS: Wilderness Shelter – How to Stay Warm and Dry in the Woods


Knowing how to make and use shelter in the wild could save your life!

From 12 Noon until 4 pm Sunday

Shelter from the elements is something we take for granted in the "modern" world, since most of the time we have ready access to buildings, thermostats, vehicles, or even umbrellas. But deep in the woods, taking shelter for granted can have uncomfortable or--in extreme situations--fatal consequences. It's critical for outdoor adventurers to have the knowledge, skills, and/or gear to stay warm and dry, especially when they're confronted by cold, rainy, and windy conditions.

During this hands-on class you will learn:

  • Essential principles of shelter.
  • How to choose appropriate clothing for outdoor adventures.
  • Pros and cons of common wilderness shelters such as tarps and tents.
  • Various strategies for pitching tarps, including several effective knots.
  • How to build a "debris hut" - an improvised shelter made from only sticks and leaves that's capable of keeping you warm and dry in wet, sub-freezing conditions. We'll build a debris hut from start to finish so you can learn subtle nuances of design and construction that could make all the difference on a cold or rainy night.

By the end of this class, you'll feel much more confident heading into the woods, equipped with new ideas and skills that will help you maintain "98.6 degrees" no matter the circumstances!

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