Making Honey Wine/Mead & Healthy Sodas


Learn the art and science of fermentation to create delicious beverages!

From 1 pm until 5 pm Sunday

$40 - $80 Sliding Scale (explanation below)

Discover the art and science of brewing honey wines (or "mead") and lacto-fermented sodas at home! In this introductory class, participants will learn about the principles of fermentation, choosing and finding ingredients, and the basic equipment necessary for home-scale production.

Making honey wines and sodas is a fun way to transform common pantry items (spices, tea, chocolate) and a variety of flowers, plants, and "weeds" (either gathered from your garden or from wild fields and forests) into delicious, one-of-a-kind beverages. Once you learn the basic process, your imagination is the limit in combining flavors and ingredients!

Throughout the class we will:
- Learn about the history and lore surrounding old-style wines.
- Examine the health and nutritional benefits of homemade lacto-fermented sodas.
- Discuss how to create your own recipes.
Students will sample a variety of beverages during the class and make a honey wine and a soda to take home. No experience necessary. All tools and ingredients will be provided.

Instructor: McNeill Mann

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