Beekeeping 101: What’s All the Buzz About?


Meet honeybees, examine active hives, and learn fundamentals of beekeeping!

From 10 am until 3 pm Sunday

$50 - $100 sliding scale (explanation below)

Are you interested in becoming a beekeeper but not sure where to start? We have the solution! Join us for an introductory beekeeping class designed for the complete beginner. In this workshop, students will discover what’s involved in keeping bees without having to commit to a full “beginner beekeeping class” and/or buy expensive hive equipment.

Here’s the thing: most beginner beekeeping classes last for several days and take place in the winter or spring before it’s warm enough for bees to be active. In our half-day, low-cost class, you’ll experience what it’s like to open active hives and “work with” bees, and you’ll learn fundamental beekeeping concepts such as:

  • Beekeeping terminology, tools, and equipment.
  • A beekeeper’s responsibilities throughout the seasons.
  • How to properly maintain a hive.
  • Different types of hives and their various components.
  • The amount of time and labor involved in keeping bees.

Our class isn’t meant to take the place of a beginner beekeeping class; the main goal is to give students enough information to confidently answer the questions, “is beekeeping for me?” and if so, “how do I get started?”

No experience or special equipment necessary. We will provide beekeeping “veils” (a hat/head-net) while we’re working with bees. We recommend students wear (or bring):

  • A long-sleeved shirt that is loose-fitting and made from a heavy/tightly woven fabric.
  • Long pants that can tuck into your socks and/or shoes.


WHAT IS A SLIDING SCALE? In order to make our classes available to a broad and diverse audience, we use a sliding scale payment model, which means YOU CHOOSE how much to pay, within a given range. Paying lower in the scale is like receiving a scholarship. Paying higher in the scale helps cover the true cost of the class. You can pay MORE than the high end of the scale: this “extra donation” helps make our sliding scale possible. Thank you for considering your situation and resources carefully as you make your decision!


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