“On the hottest day of the year, during the hottest part of the day, thou shalt want to work fiendishly over raging hot barrels of fire, slamming heavy hammers onto hot metal…”

…said perhaps NO ONE ever…

Man and dog sit, hot and sweaty near the burning forge.

…except us!

Yes that was us, blacksmithing on the hottest day of year– AND we wanted to! It was a lesson noted and a great experience. Anything with wonderful people and some hard-core, historic skills coming to life is bound to be good and even though it was hot, it was beautiful and totally bearable. Look at some the super cool things that came out of this weekend!

Our visiting instructor helped us build two 55 gallon barrel forges with easy-to-find materials that we will now implement into our own smithy. We got scrap metal from the scrap yard and then had a blast heating it up and manipulating it to our hearts content.

Blacksmithing is something we plan to both practice and offer as a class on a regular basis, stay tuned for it in spring and fall schedules!


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