Our Mission

Earth Village Education is a nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming culture and renewing the earth by empowering individuals through hands-on education that promotes nature awareness, environmental stewardship, and community development. Currently, we are based on a beautiful patch of farm and forest in northern Virginia, about one hour west of Washington, DC.

Earth Village Education is run by a group of people who are passionate about simple, sustainable, joyful
living based on vibrant connection to community and the earth. We believe that there has never been a
more urgent need to build community and caretake the earth, so we started Earth Village Education as a way to achieve those goals. Like ripples in a pond, we hope that what is taught here will radiate outward and cause tremendous change. As individual awareness is raised and skills are learned, lifestyles will change. As people come together to meet their own needs from the earth around them so they can be less dependent on global supply chains and technology,  communities will grow and strengthen. Over time, as   growing numbers of people find meaning and purpose in genuine connection to community and the earth that provides for them, popular culture and society in general will be transformed. And as society learns to value community and honor and respect the earth, the human race as a whole will pollute less, caretake more, and seek balance as a species, striving to leave space for the natural world to be wild and free.


We envision a world where aware, self-reliant people have a vibrant relationship with the natural world and make choices that honor and respect the earth. Where individuals proactively build strong, caring communities that are sources of genuine connection and meaning. Where popular culture values humility, simplicity, diversity, sustainability, and inclusion. Where the natural world is given space to be wild and unpolluted; where the air, water, and soil are clean and pure; and where there is abundant biodiversity and ecological health.

We want to live our values, and we want to empower and inspire people through their every interaction with us. We want children and adults to take a break from their screens (computers, tablets, smart phones), visit our farm, learn new skills in exciting classes, get their hands dirty in our garden, play in our woods, engage deeply with other like-minded people, and take home wholesome food grown on our property. We want to host festivals, potluck meals, barn dances, and other events where all are welcome to attend, have fun,  socialize, learn, and share their knowledge and skills.